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Our Story

Establishment of Melita Shipping Agency
Established in 1996, Melita Shipping Agency represents a pioneering venture in the Libyan maritime sector, marking the inception of the nation's first private shipping entity in an era dominated by public sector affiliations. Our maiden venture embarked on a groundbreaking journey, facilitating direct container shipments from Dubai to Libyan ports, a novel endeavor at the time. This initial success paved the way for an innovative expansion into automobile transportation, leveraging the Iranian Shipping Line (IRISL) to transport vehicles in containers from Korea to Libya during the period of 1996 to 2000.
Zueitina Shipping Agency
As the new millennium dawned, we ventured into a new chapter with the formation of Zueitina Shipping Agency. From 2000 to 2005, this venture symbolized our strategic expansion, operating directly with the Iranian line from the Far East and Dubai, connecting the vibrant markets of Asia with the entirety of Libyan ports. This era was marked by our commitment to bridging continents and fostering international trade links.
Al-Waha Shipping Agency
In 2006, Al-Waha Shipping Agency was born, marking another milestone in our journey. This venture saw us becoming the exclusive agent for P&O Nedlloyd, then the second largest shipping line globally. This partnership was a testament to our growing prominence and influence in the maritime industry, extending our reach and capabilities.
Tajoura Shipping Agency
The year 2008 heralded the establishment of Tajoura Shipping Agency, in collaboration with Jaliana maritime shipping company. With operational bases in Dubai and China, this joint venture, in cooperation with the shipping line CMA, represented a quantum leap in our operational capacity. We masterminded the transportation of thousands of diverse containers from the bustling ports of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, directly to Libyan shores. This period was characterized by our ability to navigate the complex tapestry of global trade routes, bringing the world closer to Libya.
Present & Future
Continued Growth and Innovation
Today, Melita Shipping Agency stands at the forefront of the shipping industry, renowned for our innovative solutions, unrivaled reliability, and a growing network that spans the globe. Our narrative extends beyond the transportation of goods; it's about creating lasting bonds, enabling businesses, and driving economic growth. We are proud of the deep trust we have established with Libya's most significant import companies, a trust cultivated through years of steadfast service and mutual respect. Our relationships with port authorities, customs officials, and other regulatory entities are the bedrock upon which we swiftly overcome logistical hurdles, ensuring a seamless flow of commerce. These alliances, coupled with our adeptness in navigating the complexities of global trade, empower us to provide our clients with timely updates and proactive solutions. As we look ahead, Melita Shipping Agency is poised to embrace the future with open arms. We are committed to expanding our reach, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, and exploring sustainable practices that will lead us towards a greener and more efficient future. With an eye on emerging markets and the evolving needs of international trade, we continue to invest in our capabilities, ensuring that we remain at the helm of industry innovation. The journey ahead is bright, as we pledge to continue adapting to the dynamic demands of global logistics, fostering growth, and forging new paths in the maritime industry. Melita Shipping Agency is more than a shipping agency; we are your steadfast partner in an interconnected world, continuously steering towards excellence.


Container Shipping

Efficient and secure transportation of goods in containers, providing a reliable service to and from major global ports.

Vehicle Transport

Specialized in the shipment of vehicles, ensuring safe and timely delivery with our tailored logistics solutions.

Customs Clearance

Expert handling of customs clearance procedures to facilitate a smooth and swift passage of goods.

Maritime Consultancy

Providing expert advice and strategic planning services to optimize maritime operations.


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